I just went through an interview with a three person panel. Two of the three I would work with on a daily basis although I wouldn't technically report to their organization. One of the three I would actually work for and with extensively. So when it comes to closing in a thank you note, how do I do it?

Do I send closing notes to all three? If so, how do I differentiate them so as not to give the "form letter" appearance?

Or do I send a closing note to the one person I'd actually be working for and the 4-sentence thank you note to the others?



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Send a thank you note, with closing, to each of them.


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The same note? Should I vary it?

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[quote="aasloan"]The same note? Should I vary it?[/quote]

Vary the phrasing. Cite, if you can, your recollections of how each interviewer shared information or perspective on the position.

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Definitely vary the note. The last thing you want is for them to compare notes and find out they got the same one.

Even though they interviewed you as a group, most likely there was some subtle difference you recall that you can reference in the thank you note.

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Agreed. Three different people get three different notes.


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I have an interview with 9 - 10 people.  Do I send notes to all of them?  There is only so much variety in an interview.

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The point of sending the note is to help you stand out from other candidates, by showing that you care about relationships.  

Send one to each person.  It doesn't matter if they are mostly identical.  Are you afraid that they'll compare their thank you notes with one another?  That would be a good thing!  They're handwritten and heartfelt.  

One more point: assume you get the job, but only sent thank you's to a few...  what will the ones who didn't get a note think of you?  Is that how you want to start this relationship?   

John Hack

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Just to be clear, variation is not the main criteria. My evaluation of a thank you note is the candidate's ability to be gracious and express appreciation. I have never compared thank-you's from candidates with any other interviewer. Be specific if you can but don't let variation get in the way of sending a prompt thank you. 


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I am in the process of writing my thank you notes to a panel of three, one for each.  However, should I also send them a thank you email now, right out of the interview, or is that overkill?  Would I send a single email to all three, then individual thank you notes?  One email to each?

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I am facing the same situation today having completed a 5-person panel interview for which I will report to none of them.  I plan on a single e-mail thank you note to the group to include a couple reinforcing points and another close, asking for the job, though the close during the interview was strong.  I will follow-up with a personalized thank you to each individual.  It would be a nice thing if the group e-mail initiated a positive conversation about me between the five.  

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Good luck today.


* Yes, try to get each of their names.

Use the Organization's website to help, if it lists staff members.

* Yes - an Email thank you is also helpful because it happens fast. Immediate points.


* Yes - Send the hand written note, too.

It may be too late now... but I recommend having notes and envelopes and stamps in your car or back at the hotel so that you can write and mail them the evening after the interview - when your memory is fresh.


* Yes - vary each note a little bit, try to add a sentence that is specific to each person.

If you can't, that's OK - don't be too long or complicated.

Even if each note is exactly the same ....   don't stress so much.

Points for Mailed

Points for Handwritten

Points for right away.


Dude, in the land of the blind even a one eyed man is king.


* Yes, of my last set of interviews only one (1) of the eight (8) candidates wrote/sent a thank you note

-- and it was an Email thank you note - sent within 1 hour after the interview.    

She got the Job.