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I have been doing One on Ones in my moleskin notebook. I am at the end of the notebook and now thinking about what should I do for the rest of the year. I have thought about getting a three ring binder or a Circa notebook so I can easily add and remove pages. I don't know if I should get another moleskin. The comments i read in the forum suggest loose leaf paper and manila folder. I also like the half sheet paper for the one on ones.

What type of paper (size and notebook) have you used for your One-on-Ones?

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I print out the O3 template from MT website and then use to write down my notes.  I then scan into my personal folder as I travel frequently.  This allows me to quickly review and be ultimately paperless which is needed for my mobility.


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I tried the three ring binder for awhile. It got to be unwieldy. Currently, I use one composition notebook per direct report. It gives me a great deal of history and when needed, I carry next few notebooks with me when I expect to be out of the office. I place one copy of the M-T template in the back of each binder. Regards, Dave

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I use a 3-ring binder with regular 8.5x11 paper that is dedicated to all O3 notes (and staff meeting agendas/minutes). I took the form created by MT for O3 note taking, modified it to suit my liking, and print 30 at a time. When someone comes in for an O3 I start with a blank and fill in as appropriate. Since it is a form I don't think I could fit all my notes on anything smaller than std letter size. Plus I like the part at the bottom, where I have my list already written out prior to the O3. This lets me check the subject off if it comes up - but continue with my note taking if it doesn't. The 3-ring binder works well, because I use tabs per person and the most recent O3 notes are always on top (within a given tab for a given person).

When travelling, I grab the entire binder for ease as it relates to the O3 (not ease as it relates to travel). If I'm cramped for space, I will just grab some blank sheets and re-insert into the 3-ring binder when I get back.

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One other option you might consider -
I am considering converting the template I use (from the comment above) to a jpg that I can copy into Penultimate as a background - then take my handwritten notes on my ipad.  That is how I take notes for most other meetings and it works beautifully.  
Penultimate even sinks with Evernote which is amazing for tracking the action items from those meetings.  Doing this I have a nice leather case for my ipad instead of a notebook.  Works beautifully - plus it is helpful as Evernote recognizes the handwriting in its search technology.  

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I do manilla folders, one per person, in a file organizer. It's very low tech and it works.