We are a small, 30 employee organization and are exploring our performance review process. Cross-functional collaboration is our daily norm, so I'm heavily considering a 360 review process. Can anyone recommend a platform they've had success with? Maybe ones to stay away from as well? Also, if there's any insights or lessons learned that you can share, I'm all ears!


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My company uses Franklin Covey. They provide customized 360 review survey for companies. I’m not sure what kind of competence you want to be evaluated. The survey that we use is for leadership competency assessment and I've done it twice. Basically there are 4 groups of people who need to be involved in the survey: peers, direct reports, manager and yourself. And each of them has a minimum number of required responses to make the survey effective.

My understanding on the 360 review is that it is a great way for you to learn how people see you in their eyes. Sometimes it could be quite different from your own perspective. And when people’s perception is lower score than your own, it might be something you need to work with.

The process is you work with your manager to target a list of names of people who you’d like to send the survey to and send it via email. When you receive enough number of responses Franklin Covey will generate a survey result for you. Your HR will walk you through the result and help you identify some areas of improvement based on the score you get for each question. And you will make an action plan for that improvement area and work on it.

Hope that helps.

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Before proceeding you should listen to two casts on 360's. My Dept just decided to do 360's in the last couple weeks and those two casts have been helpful (not helpful in the way I was hoping, but helpful nonetheless). In a company your size some of the warnings in the two casts may be particularly problematic.