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Does the MT advice for 360 degree reviews of bosses also apply to 360 reviews of peers and others?

I understand the advice for providing 360 feedback to a boss when it is not regular, external, and anonymous. In my case we are in the midst of a 360 review that is external, irregular, and unable to confirm anonymity. Therefore the advice for providing input to my boss is to minimize risk, water down written comments, and avoid negatives.

In our case, we each get to choose who we ask for a review. I have been asked by 14 peers/others to provide feedback on their reviews. Does the same advice apply to peers/others?

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If you are not certain that the feedback is anonymous I would do what I could to stay anonymous.  Keep it middle of the road and make your comments not necessarily watered down but not obvious about a particular project or detail that could give you away. They may be peers but even peers can hold grudges and cause political issues in the future.