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Hi, I think this is a very nice PodCast
And I thought it was the PodCast I've been waiting for... but not quite

*** Industry Relationships

It seems to have put the cart before the horse. Trying to answer how to carry on relationships in the industry and among industry peers especially at conferences and meetings.

I am hoping for a future PodCast that lays a foundation for guidance on :

- Why should I get involved with professional organizations in my industry ?
- Should I be an officer in an industry professional organization ?
- Why should I attend business meetings of professional organizations in my industry ?
- Why should I go to Trade Conferences ?
- Why should I participate as an organizer or as a presenter ?
- How should I schedule time with vendors and peer colleagues when I attend industry meetings and shows ?
- What are the advantages and pitfalls of attending lunches, dinners and/or special receptions with Vendors at these conferences ?

Just some thoughts and requests for future Career Tools PodCasts



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- What is the primary industry of a software company - the industry it serves is what matters and drives but isn't the technology the primary function which should be equally taken into account?

- Shouldn't networking combine genuine interest along with simply courtesy?