Hi all,

I think that the modern way to lead is through informed decisions where team members are often better suited to understand a problem than the manager.

My question is whether a manager should listen and try to understand those points or should simply enforce that his judgement is the best one and should be complied to? Also, if the team agrees on decisions together following open discussion, should a manager go against a team decision, given the manager is not an expert in the area?

Thanks in advance for your replies, I find them very valuable for me.


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A manager that doesn't listen to the experts in the area (to be fair a manager can also be a expert in the area), is doing a injustice.

That being said managers typically have more information about the direction of the organization, politics, etc. and may have reasons that they can not disclose for making any particular decision. It is completely reasonable for manager to listen a open discussion than make a finial decision that is not the one the team came up with. Hopefully they can share why they made that decision but if not they had better have good relationships and trust with the team.

A good manager will know when to enforce his/her judgement and when to go with the thoughts of the team.