I'm a director managing a few teams (I have managers reporting to me). Due to various circumstances one of the teams has been assigned a project which doesn't align with most team member's skill set and aspirations. The team has been delivering results but people have grown quite unhappy with the situation, to the point that they basically are in passive search for other jobs.

There is a lot of negative talk in the office. I asked the manager of the team to control that (lead by example and not engage in negative talk himself, provide feedback in the 1:1s with his DRs). But his response is that he's barely holding that team together and if he starts pressing them with it, they will just leave.

This is probably true, but still it doesn't sound right. Any thoughts/suggestions?


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I would probe into the status of the relationship to find out more about what is going on and his/her assumptions about why "they will just leave."