Are any of you interested in attending a meet-up event in/around DC? Please post here so I can guage interest. We haven't had a DC Meet-Up in quite a while.


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I'd be up for it, BJ. Was wondering when you'd get around to it. ;) would love to see the gang again!

Hopefully, will see you soon!


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Never been to an MT meet-up, but I'd like to. 

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Are there any tenative dates/locations?

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Hi, I've got time on my hands as I'm unemployed. I might be able to drive down from Philly for a meeting, depending on location. Jeanne

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I didn't know meetups existed and would like the opportunity to do so!

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I'm located in Richmond, VA. I'd be happy to drive up. 

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Any interest in reviving a DC M-T Meetup? I'm just outside DC in Montgomery County, MD, but anything DC Metro would be great.

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Hi! I was wondering if we can reactivate this meet-up? Any interest?