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Hi folks,

I am going to have a team meeting and reveiw performance metrix of how the team did in the 1st half. In the presentation the metrix will be shown in graphs. Is it a good idea to put individual's result in the presentation as a bar chart or just a team summary result?

Individual performance of metrix in my team varies significantly. Some achieved all of their goals and some achieved none. I am thinking about putting individuals result so everybody see where they are. The ones achieved poor performance also need a push. Is it going to be any concerns of issues, e.g. embarrassing the poor ones?



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I have never done this, but I am told by some that showing a dashboard publicly causes lower performers to perform better. I don't know if this is true or not. For me, I am just in the process of creating a dashboard. I am undecided whether I will pull the dashboard up in my staff meeting for everyone to see at the same time. Still, though, the dashboard allows everyone to see everyone else's results (high level) from their own machine whenever they want - at least it will when it's finished.

Short answer: Those who have shared with the entire group, how everyone did on their goals have told me it works wonders. I have to admit, that I am a little shy to pull that trigger in a public forum.

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The first question to ask is what are you hoping to achieve in total with this meeting, and what would you be hoping to achieve by adding names to the chart?

Then ask, is a public naming likely to achieve those objectives? If your staff are all highly competitive, and are unlikely to be offended by having poor results displayed publicly, then go for it.

If your staff are likely to be offended by having their results displayed publicly, then it is unlikely that that is going to motivate them to perform better. In addition, it could damage your relationship.

Another question would be - would a personal session with each of your staff to go through their individual results achieve more? What else could you do to achieve the same thing?

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