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With the new FLSA requirements kicking in December 1, 2016, my organization (a state-wide cause-related not-for-profit with approx. 25 staff members) will have roughly half of our employees shift from being "exempt" to being "non-exempt" with respect to FLSA requirements including overtime, etc. (currently only one of our employees is non-exempt). We're working through the legal requirements, etc., but I have to believe that there will be some challenges with that many people suddenly needing to more carefully watch their time (including the currently untracked evening email/phone call time as volunteers from our program make contact outside of business hours). I'm particularly concerned about potential changes in culture caused by this (we currently have a very strong team-focused culture).

Has anyone had any similar situations and, if so, what are some lessons learned that could be of use to us?

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We're also worried. Our entire senior team (small non-profit) EXCEPT one will transition. Very worried about the cultural shift. We all have the mentality of "do-what-needs-to-be-done" and I'll worry about logging night/weekend hours. I really do fear it's going to change how things work around here.

So - no actual advice, just wanted to sympathize!

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My experience when tracking time very closely (as if non-exempt employee even though we were exempt) did not diminsh the do-what-is-needed attitude.  My situation was in an organization that collect revenue by billing for hours worked - may be different in your case - but my experience was pretty uneventful from a time keeping standpoint (except for the annoyance of actually havign someone track you down if you hadn't filled in your time card).