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Why is the volume of email I receive dropping?

A little more than a year ago I was promoted to my current position. At the time I received 500 emails/day. About 6 months ago it was down to 300/day. I just did another email analysis - and I am now averaging less than 100 emails per day. It feels kind of like a culture change. I seem to be sending 8-10 emails per day. My predecessor was more of an email communicator and my previous boss was a furious producer of email - but the volume didn't drop right when they left - it seems to have been a gradual shift.

Is it just because I am less of an email writer than they were?
I'm not complaining - I'm just curious. Has anyone else experienced this?
Is it possible this is a negative - perhaps people aren't telling me stuff?
It doesn't feel that way (but as a high D/C who cares how I feel).

I think the communication lines are open. I have healthy O3s. I average 6-8 meetings/day.
I turned off clutter so the emails aren't hiding from me.

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Hi William,

I have a similar experience (nice to know I'm not alone) and suggest:

1) You get between 100 and 500 and you send between 8 and 10 per day: net result 90 - 492 of the emails you get every day aren't being answered by email. People have adapted to this and are sending you less email. Personally, I think it's a positive thing. Some of your high C correspondents may not....particularly if they were used to your predecessor's habits.

2) Instant messaging has replaced email for some types of communication?

3) Intranets and other data sharing systems (Dropbox etc) are having an effect?

3) We're all getting better at email: spam filters are better and marketing emails are better targetted.

Probably loads of other factors as well but sounds like you're on the right track to me.

Best Regards


PS You may be high D/C but there's a bunch of high S's out there who really do care how you feel ;-)