This is my first post. I've recently started binge listening to manager/career-tools podcasts. Thanks for all of the hard work! It's very helpful.
I recently had an interview (Panel interview...) and one of the interviewers asked "How would your boss describe you?" I was totally caught off guard, and I felt like the interview went downhill from there. How should I have answered it? My boss regularly tells individuals 'good job' but other than that the only specific feedback I can remember is "I like that. Your thinking outside the box."
That was the best thing I could think of to share in the interview along with some very generic filler that I can't even recall at the moment. Any thoughts?

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That's a good question that, when I hear it, kind of combines how do others perceive you? what's your strengths? and what are your weaknesses?  I'd answer something like this:

  • My boss would see me as <insert a list of about 3 key strengths>.  
  • He would say I was instrumental in ensuring the team/or he achieved <insert some good example of an achievement you were vital for that highlights at least one and hopefully all 3 of the key strengths you just mentioned>
  • She would also say that we are working together to improve my capabilities in <insert area of growth or development>

It makes sense to highlight areas that are going to be important to the role you are applying for in the strengths and achievements.  Also in the development area if you have a positive thing to say here.  Don't include wha tcould be considered a weakness for this role if you don't have a good story to tell about how much you have already achieved here.

Hope this helps.