I'm an army artillery colonel currently attending the Army War College. I am starting to work on my SRP (graduate thesis). I'm going to examine the question of how the army could improve manager / leader development in the "self-development domain". Vague current doctrine basically says to "fill in gaps" from institutional training and operational experience.

Obviously, we could do a better job of leveraging reading. It's the easiest way to improve and we don't do more than publish a few reading lists.

I'm exploring a few other ideas but wondering if you guys have any suggestions?!

Colonel Don Potoczny
Army War College

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Self-directed learning can be enhanced through MT-based manager-direct relationships in the MT coaching model, where the manager helps the direct discover methods of learning (reading, coursework, practice) as well as areas of learning that might be useful (public speaking, finance, sales theory, marketing, written communication).

Things that come to mind other than reading (my favourite):

Toastmasters (for speaking) (self-guided learning)

MOOCs through Udemy, edX, Coursera, or others