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Hi All, interviewing for a country manager position of a company that may be in a tough position. I want to ask about current profitability, possible new products on the way, morale of team I'll be leading, sales and profitability trends in the business, etc.

Understand that only questions that give them a vision of "me in the role" are appropriate before an offer.

When can I ask them questions like these? After an offer comes?

Thank you!

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It's good to ask questions at the time of an interview. Let the employer complete and then when he asks you do you have any qusetions at that time you can ask any quaestion and this will show that you are dedicated towards the job they are offering.

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Until you got something, you don't have anything.  

Asking really difficult questions may put the interviewer into a difficult position which may reduce your chances of getting an offer.  After you have an offer, you should be able to conduct fair due diligence exercise to decide if the role is right for you.

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I agree to kevin in this one, just get the offer first because as kevin said you will put the interviewer in a difficult position and the chance of you getting an offer will be lessen. But as Tressie said if the interviewer ask question if you have any question grab the chance to ask what question do you want to ask.

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