I have a team member who has resigned and is leaving tomorrow, we have a big awards night on Sunday which she was invited to, when she resigned she said I will still be coming to the awards night. Her conduct at work has been a little off over the last few days and to be honest I would much rather she was not coming. I think she is using the awards function as a leaving do. I do not want the rest of the team to think I am being vindictive and tell her that she can not come, but to be completely honest I really want to tell her not to come. Any ideas/suggestions on a good way to proceed.

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If she's out of the company she's not welcome for any benefits.


So this is maybe not the correct response but I'm in this to learn also so I'm looking forward to other people's responses.



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If you're looking for an additional reason to justify the un-invitation, you can always blame it on the budget. You can build off of what PhilipGarner said above as well:

"Hey Mr. Smith (employee), thank you for your time here at the company. Looking forward to the award ceremony, unfortunately I have to revoke your invitation. We've slated this budget to help build up the future of this team. Where you aren't going to be involved in the future of this team I wouldn't feel comfortable spending company funds to have you attend. Again thank you for you work, and let me know if I can help you any time later in your career."


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