I'm really interested in reviewing some of th epodcasts using the map of the universe. But one thing i canbnot figure out is are they in any order. Obviously those called part1 , part2 etc are in an order. First off im interested in the category changing jobs. That is sub-divided into 9 sub-categories.


So can someone tell me please,isit important o listen to podcasts in any category o sub-category in any partilar ord , or desnt it matter ?

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Start with the basics (in the Podcasts dropdown, there's a button for the Manager Tools "Basics") where they go over the material that is touched on throughout the other casts. Beyond that, it largely won't matter the order. Generally MT podcasts are independent unless they are noted (as you mentioned) as Part 1, Part 2, or Ch 1, Ch 2, etc. The benefit with this is that once you start with the basics, you can implement any of the other recommendations as you discover them. It also makes the material easily applied for just about any manager as they can go straight to the areas they need (after the basics). 



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I'm asuming the CT podcasts are stand-alone for the same reason and a could pick and sub category to studt.

Thx for your reply.

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Yes. The CT casts are similar in that they are generally stand alone casts unless otherwise specified.