I am new to the Manager Tools hiring process, and I am trying to figure out what kind of questions would be asked in the initial phone interview? Is there something on the Interview Creation Tool specifically for phone interviews? Specifically, I assume the questions for the phone interview will be different than those for the initial face-to-face interview. What should I be screening for on the phone interview?

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Phone screens are usually looking for answers to questions like..

  • What is your current situation?*
  • What are you looking for?*
  • What attracted you to this role?
  • Why do you think you would be a suitable candidate for this position?
  • What is your salary expectation?*
  • They might also ask you to explain your experience with respect to a key position requirement.  Most likely the core role responsibility.*

MT has podcasts specific to the *'d items above.

They are trying to acertian if interviewing you face to face would be a waste of time or whether you actually look qualified.   Having said that, there is guidance on how to behave during a phone interview and you be ruled out for delivering the right answers in the wrong way.

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I hope OP has posted with a good solution. Try to follow this direction.