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Hi There - I was looking through the Map of the Universe and couldn't quite find the right one and thought I would post for help and guidance. I am a chief of staff to a CIO and I facilitate our management team meetings containing his reports. We are spread across the world and get together a few times a year.  It is a very good healthy management team, good relationships, but we are changing three management members through normal succession/replacement.  We have generally been involved in choosing the replacements and are having a series on one-on-ones to introduce etc.

Next month is the first of our onsite meetings where the new members will be present.  I made the mistake last time we had new members of running our sessions just like we always did and it was a bit overwhelming for them and a bit too much "business as usual".  It made me think what should we best do as a management group to include the new members properly.  There are casts on how the manager should bring in the new direct, how to do individual introductions with peers, and in general with meetings how to go through groundrules etc.  I just wonder on ideas on other things I should do for best results of the collective peer group relationship ?

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( - Qualifier : I do not have first hand experience in this area - it is what I would appreciate and think would work)

Get the new folks there earlier than the rest.

* I would like to suggest that you make sure that those new managers on the team arrive two (2) days earlier than the old timers.

* I suggest that you make time to on-board them and orient them to your physical location and the people there.

Perhaps you can get them a temporary desk to work from.

Pair them up with other managers on site.  Let them give them the lay of the land and some preparation for the meeting to come in the following days.

* I suggest that you make sure that those new managers are there to greet the other incoming old timer managers as they arrive --- at the airport - or at the hotel - or at the offices.

Give these new managers some responsibility to greet the old timers.

They can meet them for the first time one-at-a-time, get over introductions.  Pick them up from the airport and share the Taxi Ride back from the airport - talk over breakfast at the hotel, etc.

Since they have been oriented to the location already -- they can be the ones to show them where the bathrooms are and where the cafeteria is.  Where is the boardroom where we will all be for meetings.

This has the virtue of overcoming that feeling of being overwhelmed.  And it makes them feel like they have achieved some small level of familiarity with the place and the people.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck