Hi there!

Been a listener for almost a year now, and this is my first post!

I had a situation at work and after doing some searching, found that the Managing Through a Personal Crisis cast would be a good listen for me. It was very easy to find on the website:

However, when I scroll to June 2007 in my podcast feed (I use Overcast), it is not there. I also checked the Career Tools feed and Manager Tools Basics feed. Then I scrolled through the whole MT feed thinking that it may have been reposted later and renamed as HOF. Still no luck though.

Can you help me find it so that I can download it from within my Overcast app?

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You could try adding the Archive (previously referred to as "Members Only" feed. )

That is the feed I still use for both MT and CT.

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I had no idea this existed! Thank you! Unfortunately when I added it, it only went back to 2008. Are you and to see the personal crisis cast on your end?

Perhaps I should just download the audio file from the website.

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The RSS feed XML file goes all the way back to may be the settings you have in Overcast.

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...also, have you considered using the Manager Tools iOS app?

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Yeah sounds like it's a "just me" or "just Overcast" problem. I'll have to play with the settings more. Thanks for your assistance.

I used to use the mobile app but I had a problem where the storage use kept growing even after deleting played episodes. I eventually had to delete it just to make room for the other apps. That was a while ago though so perhaps its been updated since and I could give it another go-round.

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I also use Overcast and have the registered member feed. Overcast is showing only back to "Rolling Out the Manager Tools' Trinity - Part 1' at this point (Aug 17, 2008) for me. I've listened up through March 2013, so I hadn't noticed that early ones seemed to have faded off (I think I also was past the earliest ones when I switched to Overcast). I remember when I started listening to MT, though, the first episode in the feed was "Solution to a Stalled Technical Career". Looks like some episodes did drop off in Overcast, but looking at the XML directly, the earlier episodes are still there in the feed. The XML is valid, so I'd guess this is an Overcast problem of some sort.