I’m a seasoned IT Professional looking to transition into management. I have all the skills needed to perform a job of this type. How can I properly update my resume so that I can show that I have the skills needed for my next career jump? Thank you in advance. 

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Hi Constantprofessional,

So you already have a career acommplishments document?  If not, do a search for it on here and build one following the MT guidance.

Go through your career acommplishments document and either rewrite or add acommplishments that are specific to your management capabilities.  Ensure they are measurable and start with an action word.

Then, when applying for a manager role, select mainly accomplishments that show your managerial achievements.

There are 70 podcasts that talk about resumes.  Do a quick search and look for any that might be specifically relevant to your situation.  If you have the interview series, there is some very in depth coverage in there as well.

Hope that helps