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I’m finding myself in a really bad motivation funk. I can’t seem to get my “success juices” functioning. I sit down at my computer and try and update my CV but all I do is start staring at the screen and nothing comes out of my brain and onto the page. Any advice, books, podcasts, YouTube videos I can look at to get me out of this state would be regatly appreciate. Thank you all in advance for your advice. 

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You could try a lot of coffee...    :-)

More seriously, just write.  Every great journey starts with the first step.   What you write might be rubbish, but after you have written the terrible first draft, you can start refining it.  If you never write first draft, you just don't get started.

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Thank you Kev. 

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Here is a Video from M-T about resumes - It's kinda fun !

Two Page Resume to One Page ... In 30 Seconds

Don't forget about the

M-T Workbook


And I've just started getting Jazzed on this Podcast and Concept


Video :

PodCasts :


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I have had the same issue lately. I felt like I was just doing the same things over and over. Until I took my kids to the library. They are old enough that I don't have to watch them every second. So I was able to see different people and different things when I looked out the window.

That helped me think differently and gave me the energy boost I needed. Maybe the library isn't your answer, but try some new places that you haven't been lately. Maybe a coffee shop, a park with tables if the weather is nice or Barnes & Noble.

Good luck. Let me know what eventually works.

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My response is relative to a motivation funk - not necassarily working on a resume.  If you're working on your resume because you're unemplyed - maybe don't take this advice.

Sometimes you just need a break.  There is a good article from HBR called "Reawakening your passion for work" by the folks who made emotional intelligence a pop culture reference (  Their first piece of advice is to "call a time-out."  Other recommendations include finding a leadership development program, creating time for reflection, and working with a coach.  The last piece of advice is making sure your values are aligned with the actions you take (this doesn't mean changing your job, but is often becoming aware of new/different actions you can take that are important to you).  

I also like "Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time" by Tony Schwartz and Catherine McCarthy (  The "Idea in Practice" lists the recommended action items in a concise manner.

Neither of these sources are as clear and concise as the advice you get on MT, but the content is good.

I don't believe you can turn off a motivation funk like you flip a switch - I do believe you can do things to let your brain recoup - and eventually pull your way out of the mud .  There is correlation between the severity of the funk and teh length of time to remove oneself from the funk.