Hi all,

One of my team members recently sent me an email complaining about my expectations and how I should do my job and how I need to lead/manage the team. He later admitted that "he could match my expectations,but not everyone can" he was "speaking on behalf of the team" This is honestly the first time I have ever heard any grumblings about my expectations.

I am happy to receive feedback but the way the email was worded was not okay and rude. I spoke with my team member explaining I understand his frustrations around some points but to send an email in that way is not okay. I also explained that it isnt his role to manage people and that was my job to do that, so he should remain focused on his tasks.

I have now found out he has been sharing the email with the team, and gloating about how he has "told me straight"

I find this behaviour completely distructive to moral and underminding!

Has anyone got any advice on how to address this new problem!



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I would suggest some normal feedback with just a hint of seriousness.

Hey, can I give you some feedback.   When you gather support of a rebellious nature regarding the expectations I'm setting, it is destructive to team moral and undermines my authority.  I cannot allow that to happen again.  What will you do differently?

Expect some defensive resistance so be prepared to let it be a 'shot across the bow'.

It may be worth bringing it up during your 10 minutes with your other directs in their one on ones.  

Mark and Mike might advise you to keep it light, but since this is one of the MT firable offenses, I'd be inclined to step it up just a fraction above normal feeback.

Other's may have different views.  

Hope that helps


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Thank you for your reply, this certainly helps. 


Such a frustrating situation but can be so damaging!

Also, Do you honestly believe this is a friable action?



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Don't assume this person is actually speaking for all the other team members. This reminds me of a situation I once had where a person would start phrases with, "People are starting to talk," which meant this person was about to start or spread a rumor about someone. "Speaking on behalf of the team" is likely an attempt to give himself unearned credibility since he's a hero and all.

Perhaps use the O3's to push the principle that email is the wrong place to express criticism or make negative comments. Try to express to the other team members that you're not upset with them. The maldirect is sending the message that you're the enemy and they might have adopted a defensive posture toward you, depending on whether this person actually has influence over the others.

This person's behavior of trying to undermine your authority is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with quickly. Don't let it fester.

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Thank you for the reply. 


Sorry for my ignorance but what do you mean by O3's? Haven't heard this phrase before. 

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