Need a proper tool for managing performance (kpi, tardiness, accountability, availability, etc…etc…)

Anyone using a tool which keeps a record of weekly/fortnightly/monthly which will directly contribute to yearly performance report.

We have a lot of paper based single forms in excell and word etc, that’s not what I am looking for

An excel or any tool which records the average, takes it into account and eventually will sum up to monthly and yearly stats.

It’s a small team so don’t need enterprise level heavy duty reviews, however need something which is feasible

Variables: Like

KPI’s, tardiness and all others are rated between 1- 5

We can add stuff later depending on KPI changes and work requirements

Any help would be appreciated

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Be careful you do not put more precision in evaluation than warrented by uncertainty in your observations.

As a new manager, I tried to make "the perfect" advanced XLS sheet for annual assessments by having many categories and weights for them. But realized that a) I would still need to make evaluations based on gut feelings, b) I would have less observations than needed due to not being with and observing my team members in all their activities, and c) to make credible assessment is more about being transparent, fair and have good relationships than advanced spreadsheets.

I recomment you consider using quarterly performance reviews (see link), where you evaluate each team memeber on 3 dimensions - results, behaviors, and development for both "what I like (keep doing)" and "what you can do to improve (fix or grow)". Using these and turning one of them into the annual appraisal, you have provided clear and useful feedback with examples in a positive way for even the negative part. The quarterly assessments are not written in stone, so when discussing them with my team members individually, anything could be changed if they made a strong enough case for it. When the annual appraisal was up, they knew what to expect, only question is if I would round up or down depending on company rules, e.g. max 10% as high performers. Your people will respect that it is your best subjective evaluation, based on the data and observation you have, and with the intent to help them improve. They will love it...

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Well put
Couldnt agree more. Reason for me asking is i usually do most of my evaluations and reviews in my own book. Put it on paper and see how i can improve my management for me to help them improve inturn it helps me too .Dont judge by paper alone.
Still good to have a good template so i dont loose track and they can monitor themselfs.

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The template I used can be grabbed from HERE - word document in a ZIP file. As I wrote in my linkedin article (linked to above):
"This is a very simple, yet powerful and useful way for the manager to give the directs some feedback on their results and behavior. The feedback could also be given verbally during a meeting called “Quarterly Performance Review”, but it is far better to do it as a combination of written and verbal feedback. This is better because the employee is often not able to remember what you said – they tend to focus on the negative feedback, and when asked by their peers “what you told them”, they will often say something to the likes of “He/She said something about me not writing good enough e-mails?!!”, when your improvement feedback was actually that “you would like to see the direct improve their communication skills to ensure better understanding across cultures to avoid questions coming back and lengthy e-mails”. But if they are given a written statement with the feedback, they can re-read it later and they can ask you to clarify a part or phrase later, if they do not fully understand your feedback."

Cheers, Lars

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Thank you for the template, and appretiate your time