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Hi, everyone. I had a 10-year career in HR going and was a supervisor when I decided to try my hand at the culinary profession. It was fun but ended up, after five years, not working for my family and me for several reasons. Is it better to take a lower-level HR job at a GOOD company to get HR back on my resume or a mid-level job at a poorly-reviewed company?I'm assuming that promotional opportunities at the GOOD company can't be guaranteed so they aren't a huge factor in my decision making. And honestly I'm concerned GOOD companies won't want to hire me for a low-level job because they know I will be overqualified and will leave as soon as I have my feet under me. Or should I hold out for a solid job at a solid company? I've been in the search for three months and no offers from good companies yet (one offer I did decline because it felt like a strong mis-fit for me). 

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It would be unethical to take a job when you already plan to leave.  Is there a chance the NOT GOOD company can turn around?  Will you be in a position to make changes?  Why are they NOT GOOD?  If a different part of the company is not good, can you do good work in the HR side?



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Hi mlyons456,

I'm assuming you have offers from both companies.  In which case, take the one that fits your needs.  (Which might be the one you feel will enable you to grow and contribute the most).  If you don't have offers, then the question is moot.  

Most people leave managers not companies.  HR has a great opportiunity to help manages improve themselves as managers.   So provided the mid-level role is supported by the company and supporting the company to make a difference, it seems as though it 'could' be good.  Very hard to say without a lot more information.

Hope that helps