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I’d like some opinions on my situation.  I’m an upper level Operations Manager with 8 Branch Managers and 70 employee’s under my leadership.  We are a residential service based business. Our technicians are required to arrive at work at 7:15am. Our Branch Managers SOP states that they arrive at 7:15am and that a branch Managers day ends when their last technician is finished with their last appointment for the day.  History has dictated that the managers generally are done between 5-6pm but occasionally run later during summer hours. In addition to managing his/her techs the branch manager is responsible for the overall growth of the branch with monthly goals and objectives. 

I have a branch Manager that has missed his branch production and revenue goals for two consecutive months, failed a surprise branch inspection 3 weeks ago and a review of his company vehicle GPS reports yesterday indicate his average home arrival time for the last three weeks is 3:00-3:20pm daily.  Basically he’s not meeting performance expectations yet leaving extremely early everyday.  My old school Management training and experience would push me to write this individual up, possibly put him on probation, garner any upcoming bonus or even terminate.  Total disclosure, this employee and myself have had some issues. He’s been with the company 15 years and I’ve been here 3. He doesn’t respect me or my position.

The owner of the company asked his executive team, of which I’m a member, to read “How to make friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie.  For those of you that have read  it you know that book advises against criticism and encourages you to get the work you want out of people by basically soft manipulation, (even though he says it’s NOT manipulation) and fulfilling their needs first. Additionally, I have a belief that the reason he is leaving early is to keep his kids afterschool.

As an important note, ALL his Co-Managers average getting home 5-7pm daily.

Because he’s been here 15 years the owner keeps telling me to work with him and that he’ll get better but I know from experience it isn’t going to happen.  At the end of the day the owner says it’s my decision what to do but that we his advice but the owner hates confrontation.  I have a scheduled meeting with this individual next week.  How would you handle if you were in my shoes? If you met with him, what would you say?

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If I'm reading your question correctly, your question is:
"My company expects my managers to work 11-12 hour days. I have a direct that is choosing to work only 8 hours a day, because he chooses to prioritize his responsibilities as the father to his kids over the time spent in the company building.  How can I convince him to prioritize the company over his family to meet his goals."
Is that correct?  

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It sounds bad, I know.....but it’s the nature of the business we are in.  If you worked in a manufacturing plant on 10-12 hour shifts it is what it is, you don’t have the the choice to “just leave”.  Additionally, I myself haven’t worked an 8 hour day in 20 years.  I just believe that you do what you have to do to be the best.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m big on “family time”. I have three daughters and a wife if 20 years.  I totally understand what you are saying and don’t want to argue about it but in this situation the position just doesn’t work well with the management being absent in the middle of the required time.  I guess my feeling is that if you want a basic 8 hour schedule there are PLENTY of jobs out there that offer that but salaried management positions aren’t usually one of them.  

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I would reccomend that you start giving Feedback and and making your expectations about the branch production and revenue goal results clear.


Start setting branch production and revenue goals that you clearly state must be met - and When. 

I am sure that he is well aware of the Start time and stop time of his Peers.

Maybe there is somthing going on at home that is puling him away.

Give him a chance to explain this.  But, still hold to your Goals.  

Maybe he can figure out another way to meet them. Let him act like a grown-up.


And then there is this :

"Our Branch Managers SOP states that they arrive at 7:15am and that a branch Managers day ends when their last technician is finished with their last appointment for the day."

OK - So you can use this as his standard. 

He must arrive at 7:15 and he can't leave until the last technician is finished.

If he can meet his goals -- and his techncians can finish their last appointment before 5 pm -- wouldn't that be great ? 

What if he was able to schedule all of his Technicians to do all of their work and be done by 3:30 pm ? 
And He meets his monthly Goals ?   Wouldn't that be great !  You would love it ?  His Technicians would love it ?  And your organization would love it ?

1 - It looks as though you have a very clear start Time -- 7:15.    - Hold him to that.
2 - It looks as though you have a flexible leave time -- When the last technician is finished - Hold him to that.

3 - It looks as though you have certain branch production and revenue goals and expections for the performance, let him know ASAP on a daily or weekly basis how he is doing.

What I am suggesting is that you not focus on the actual Leaving Time that is on the clock at all.
Focus on those three things above, and give him the chance to figure it out as an adult.


And continue (or start) making your notes now, just in case.


Good Luck 




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Thank you for the reply… Very good advice. The best  have received actually. I must be getting replies from young first time millennial managers that don’t feel that meeting objectives is as important as only working eight hours a day, LOL. 


Make it a great week!