Greetings, I would greatly appreciate any thoughts from current or former hiring managers on watermarked resume paper. It seems that many of the high-end options do in fact have a watermark. Does using this type of paper indicate conscientiousness and attention to detail or is it just plain distracting? Also — cotton, linen, etc. — a good move or an indicator of trying too hard? Thank you so very much for your feedback. Respectfully, steve

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"Print it on good quality white paper." That's from the "How to Prepare Your Resume" podcast. 

I searched the site, for a bit. That's all the official MT guidance I found at this time. You've probably already thought of this: it's likely best to spend 5 times as much time on building the resume then on the paper selection. 

I own the resume workbook. I recommend it. But, there is also no mention of paper selection, not that I can find at the moment anyway. 

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Thank you very much -- greatly appreciated!