Hopefully you don't mind that i'm writing this into here... but I just wanted to reach out to like-minded people and this was the first place I thought of.

This day has turned out to be not at all what I expected - I went to work this morning and first thing that happened was that I was called into my exec officers office along with my manager and a lady from HR - they are making my position redundant... - very unexpected.

I am to go home today (I clearly left straight away), 'think about it', then reply within 2 days whether i'll accept the redundancy package or if i'd like to go back to work for another 4 weeks and apply for internal jobs. Mind you they said have already tried to place me into internal positions but found none to be suitable at this point in time for my skills. If I go back for the 4 weeks they won't offer me the payout, it will just be a usual monthly pay then cut ties.

So I just wanted to write in the forums here and i'm hoping for a little advice from people in similar situations and maybe some supporting words if you have any.

I'm going to take the package as I agree with them that there are no internal roles at the moment that are suitable for me, and it's not a bad package even though i've only worked there for a year and a half. Plus it's more value than a month of pay so it's a no-brainer really.

I've been pretty good with following Manager Tools advice (phew, thanks guys!) I have my resume up to date, enough cash to keep me going and a bit of a network which isn't huge but isn't nothing - I just applied for 3 jobs on linkedin so at least I feel as i'm going to actually start a process. As per one of your podcasts ages ago, I recall Wendi saying i'm to expect quite a few 'no's' and that I have to get through those in order to get the 'yes'. So this is what i'm gearing up for I guess but I feel pretty good at this stage. I thought I might also do some online training or something over the next couple of weeks just to keep my head in the right frame of mind.

I guess that I can't get off my mind that I feel very undervalued and can't help but question why they wouldn't they create a role for me if i'm so valuable to the organisation (like they told me). Is it personal and they are saying it's a redundancy and using the upcoming restructure to their advantage? I've been in a good position and have been doing it well with great feedback, I had managers reporting to me and a spread of almost 50 skips. What are my teams going to think of me - not showing up anymore and not saying goodbye? That can't be right, can it? They don't even need me to do a handover as the role just won't exist anymore...but? I guess the restructure we have been preparing will play out starting next week any my teams will come to find out about it that way. Is this normal?

I can't help but feel very insecure and have reverted to thinking I had at my first job - do they not like me, are they talking about me... that sort of thing. I have no idea why i'm having these thoughts either. I ask again is this normal?

Anyway, I ask that if anybody has any advice or anything for me based on my situation please do let me know. Thank you in advance.

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I'm really sorry that your job isn't going to continue. That has to be really hard. I'm sure that these thoughts you're having are normal, but just because they're normal doesn't mean that you should take it personally. While I don't know your company personally, I would imagine that they would recognize that it would be very bad business if they just let people go based on their personal feelings (they would quickly lose their ability to receive high-talent individuals). So I hope that makes you feel better as you get ready for your next position. I'm sure you were very valuable, and did your job very well - unfortunately the company strategy didn't require that position anymore. But I'm sure that there are lots of other companies that could use your skills and hopefully be a great fit. 

I don't know if you have looked at it already, but I highly recommend the Interview Series here on MT. It's helped me a lot, and I'm sure it can help you too. Also, to help get you in the right frame of mind, I think you should take a day to just catch your breath. I actually am a big fan of meditation to help keep me calm, and stay focused on the things I can control (if you're looking for a way to get started on that, I use an app called Headspace). If meditation doesn't sound like it would be your thing, then even just going to the movies can help pull you out of your distress for a moment and get you ready to jump back in with a fresh set of eyes and feeling less discouraged. 

Again, I'm really sorry that your in such a hard situation. I hope that it passes quickly and that you find an even better position that you're able to enjoy for the long haul. 



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I can sympathize with you on this one. I am going through a similar situation right now. Like you, I'm grateful for the MT guidance on saving money and keeping my network fresh. It's been quite useful for me over the last couple of days.

I agree with your thinking on this. Try not to let it get to you. I gave myself a couple of days to be mad or what have you (although, I also jumped right into job hunt mode). But, that's it. Gotta move on.

Like mmcconkie, I think the MT Interviewing series is quite valuable in this situation. Also, because it's just good practice, try to leave professionally. I found the getting fired podcast useful over the last few days as I prepare for my departure. In it, they also mention the how to resign podcast as well. So, give those a listen.

I trust you will find a new (and better) role soon!

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Hi Jacls254,

Sorry to hear about your situation. I wish you all the best in finding a new role in as short a timeframe as posible.   The others have given you some good advice so far so I'll not repeat it.

I do want to offer up another way of thinking about 'why you were the chosen one'.  Instead of thinking that it was something you did, or whether they like you or not, perhaps it was something your management failed at on your behalf.  Perhaps when they went into the Steel Cage Death Match (there is a cast for that) your  management was the most underprepared for the meeting.  And you ended up being selected due to the failure of your management to appropriately defend your strengths and your record.  

Could that be as or more likely a reason you were chosen?

Kind regards


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I just received the same chat from my boss so was looking on MT to see if I was alone or not.

I hope you have found another job and are settling in well.

I think MT has prepared me for redundancy so I wasn’t angry just a bit frustrated that it is me to go and how quickly a decision by the company can change my life.

Is it possible to get an update so we can see what lesson you have learnt during your job hunt?



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Summer has taken its hold and that has slowed down my search. The market seems to be picking up again now. As to your question, I've found the interviewing series to be a big help. It keeps you busy practicing so that you're ready when the interviews do come in.

I've also found that the pre job loss prep was valuable (save 6 months expenses, update your resume regularly, etc.), which it sounds like you've done as well. This has allowed me to be more strategic in my search and not get desperate.

Good luck in your search as well. Let us know how you are doing.


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Music marketer,

Thanks for the reply and sorry it has taken so long to get back to you.

I found the interview series really good too but the rules seem to be different in the UK (Aberdeen). They don't like 1 page CV's and format is different too. I believe it is because the culture is different. I did test different CV formats out but it was hard to gauge success.

So after 5 months of looking for work in the Telecoms and Oil & Gas industries, I have finally gotten an offer. It took 200+ job applications and 1 interview. The interview series really helped and my neighbour also gave some amazing advice on how to sell yourself and add positive twists on answers.

After so long looking for work I did feel demotivated and started to lose faith in my ability. To all those out there looking for work, I recommend your network for jobs and advice, look at training if you think the job hunt is going to be a slog and take a break from it too.

p.s. an app on my computer called Grammarly really helped with my spelling and grammar when amending cv my and cover letter.


A relieved Phil

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I have been taking an interest in this discussion and must empathise with anyone in this position. 

I was lucky because my employers have been laying off people for a few years and with a merger completed, there are more coming I heard from our union. That does not cheer me up because from any angle it is an upsetting experience. But they have provided some transitional support as it appears to be known now.

I think many people are wakening up to the notion that there are some things we must do to support our career, even when it seems like good times,  such as an up-to-date our resume, an eye on maintaining our skillset and what happens in the business world. The term I've heard to describe this is continuous career success and I think we'll be hearing more of this in the coming years.

Good luck to all in the transition phase.