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What feedback have you shared with your direct? Are you conducting regular one-on-ones?

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Thanks for the reply.

We’re not doing one-on-ones yet - I introduced them last week and we’ll be starting after Christmas.  I do think that will help.

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... regardless of whether they acknowlege it or not.  I'd ask your HR for a job description for you and your direct.  If one doesn't exist I'd put one together (there's a cast for that) and run it past your boss.  There should be documentation that this employee reports to you.  If necessary you can go over the description at an O3.  Even if it's just under the guise of an annual review of duties and responsibilities.  That should give you piece of mind. 

Other than that I wouldn't worry too much.  I'd much rather have a direct who's interested in the company and cares how things are proceeding than the opposite.  If anything you should probably welcome and consider their feedback.  Otherwise it may discourage them from speaking out in the future.  You'd lose potentially good ideas and maybe eventually the employee.

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Thanks for the reply

We’re a bit small to have an HR department but we do have sold position descriptions so that may help.  We’re also rolling out one-on-ones after Christmas and I 5ink that regular communication will help too.

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Seems like O3s will help. Since your direct has stated that he would like to "have a say" in the hiring decisions, I think a way to keep your roles clear but make him feel like he's contributing is to ask him at an O3 what qualities he would like to see in the person the company hires. Then thank him for his input and let him know that you will keep those things in mind when you look at resumes and are interviewing. If he goes as far as to say he thinks he should be on the interview committee or read applications, you can just say those are things that are part of your responsibilities as the manager. It just makes the roles you each have clear when you talk about specific tasks each of you are responsible for - and not. 

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You could maybe see this issue as a coaching opportunity. What I mean is, suggest to your direct that they go prepare to conduct an interview with the candidate based on the MT series and, if you feel it's appropriate, that he/she then does an actual interview and reports back to you. In the event that it goes well, you've got a motivated and involved direct and a load of good data on your candidate(s) and if it goes poorly, you've got a feedback and coaching opportunity with your direct. What's not to like ?

I appreciate that this might not work for you in particular your circumstances for a myriad of other reasons, but I'd be tempted to see this direct as 'a good problem to have' and to use the good advice about job descriptions and O3's to encourage the direct to get involved, with the occasional nudge in the right direction.

Good luck with it!