I have not been searching for a new position but have been contacted by a recruiter about a potentially interesting opportunity.  I would like to proceed to at least confirm mutual interest and talk in more detail with the hiring company.  However, the hiring company is (1) fairly small, (2) a former supplier for my current company, and (3) lead by a personal friend of my current boss.

Any suggestions for how to proceed without risking word of my interest getting back to my boss?  If things proceed well or if they were to decide that they aren't interested in me, I'm obviously not too concerned.  However, if they were interested and I determined that it wasn't a fit, I'm a little worried about this fact getting back to my boss.

The recruiter would like to share more detailed info about me with the hiring company.  I've thought of (1) just ignoring my concerns (sending resume, having phone interview if appropriate, etc.), (2) having a conversation with HR at the hiring company and asking for complete confidentiality but don't send them anything, or (3) sending them an anonymous resume for them to review and gauge whether there is mutual interest.

Any tips or other suggestions?  Thanks.



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If you pursue this you should assume your boss will find out in a way that is bad for you and that you boss has a poor reaction. Very risky. I wouldn’t touch this because of #2 and #3. There is very few scenarios that gets you the smallest bit into this that are not highly risky. 

You have to game plan a lot of variables which are impossible to predict. 

have a polite conversation with the hiring company saying, thank you but now is not the right time. 

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Current employment culture is the individual owns and steers their own career.

You could have an initial professional conversation with the recruiter to at least get more details (on both sides).  

Recruiters generally don't give out their prospects information.

Plus you don't know if thle initial conversation would lead anyway.

If your company and/or boss was introduced to someone you know who was more qualified and produced more results than you do you think they wouldn't engage them in conversations just because you know them?

I believe there is a MT podcast on how executives and anyway really are always open to potential opportunities; as long as you are professional in how you conduct yourself it isn't inappropriate to be open to talking with people.