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Would anyone recommend using the OneNote handwriting recognition on the MS Surface 3 to take O3 notes? Thanks for the replies.

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Most often (through the years) this is not recommended by MT. However, it has been discussed in the Forums on and off through years.

Try a search using keyword "OneNote" and narrow the search to the forums.

My recommendation for O3 notes is to stick to a three binder (one for each direct) and insert new pages as time progresses. I used to use composition notebooks, but, some of my directs now come prepared with a handout that substitutes for a written briefing should one of us be traveling. Because there is a handout for the meeting, I can just punch it and add it to the binder.

Also, by using the three ring binder, I can insert annual and midyear review copies (for reference) in whatever format HR uses at the place I work.

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I have been using a tablet for O3 notes now for more than 5 years. I am currently using an iPad Pro and Apple pencil running Goodnotes. There are so many advantages to doing it this way:

* Handwritten notes are searchable (Goodnotes has handwriting recognition and can search your handwriting)

* You can change up your template pretty easily and make more space on a page if needed by resizing blocks of text.

* You can easily draw pictures and use it for whiteboarding

* You can have access to your O3 notes from anywhere. Our company is highly mobile and I have no "office". I visit an office weekly, but I may be just about anywhere when I conduct an O3, and I can do that anywhere using this system. 

* When employees leave, archiving off their O3 notes is as easy as uploading to cloud storage and then breaking the active link in Goodnotes to the file.