Is there any Job seeking GMAIL users out there (that, therefore, have a significant amount of email for this single purpose)?

If so, I'd like to ask if you find the filtering of any use or do you find it better just to wade through your emails in one place. I find filtering out the jobs by emails ok which occasionally catches ad-hoc newsletters.

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Yes, I use filters and highly d recommend them. I find it much easier to get to the important messages. Also, if you're looking to follow the MT guidance of checking emails a couple times a day I recommend using BatchInbox to deliver your mail on a schedule. It's taken a few years of working with Gmail but I'm quite happy with how productive I can be in it now.

Let me know if you have other GMAIL Qs.

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Hi and thx for the feedback. I use GMAIL filtering but because some companies have several types of email such as newsletters, jobs and news etc, I tend to over filter sometimes.

Thanks for the feedback. I think i'll need to get very specific in my filters rather than just the source.