I barely have a method, and why reinvent the wheel is the thought. 


How do you store your shownotes? 

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I set aside time to download and save the documents to a local hard drive.

Next, I employ a desktop indexing tool in order to search by filename or keyword (inside the document itself.)

This enables me to pull up shownotes anytime I wish.

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Sorry for the late response to your post but I have them all actually printed off and organized in folders. It's one of the very few things I have in print that I reference.

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Initially, I saved them to iTunes. Later, I emailed them to my Kindle account, so I could read them from there as desired. That allowed me to create a collection in Kindle for show notes, and I prefer that over the iTunes option.

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yahtzee gdc2579 thanks for your inputs!  I have started an electronic Manager Tools folder on my computer with subfolder sections in it such as: Change, Coaching, Communication, Delegation, DISC, Feedback, Hiring & Firing, HOF (Hall of Fame), Meetings, O'3, Personal Success (Which is more of a general folder), Performance Reviews, and Resume & Interviews. Many of these are broad topics, so there are subfolders in them to allow for more organization. Also, many things can fall into multiple categories, so I make duplicates where needed, to make finding useful information easy! 

I imagine, when I graduate this May, I'll have my own physical print offs as well off keep in the office! 

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Also thank you tlhausmann! I needed up implanting a version of yours.  Sorry for the late response!