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I am searching for a podcast, the reference to which I found in another podcast. It sounded something like: Managerial Economics and it was about a rule that a manager shouldn't do tasks that their directs are capable of doing and should instead delegate them, thus ensuring that the work they themselves do have greater economic benefit for the organization. Unfortunately after multiple searches I wasn't able to find a matching cast. If anyone knows which cast covers this topic, please let me know.

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Sorry Sooraj,

I can't remember the cast, it gets a mention in a few casts but from memory it is brought in as a tangental thought that wasn't in the original shownotes.  You have got the general idea.

I've often heard that the answer to the question 'what should a CEO be doing?' is 'things that only the CEO can do'.  

This is true for other levels of the organisation also.   If a Manager is spending time doing the work that her team can do then she isn't spending her time managing her team towards their strategic goals.  The economics comes into it because the Manager is generally paid more.  If an individual contributor can per paid $30 an hour to do task X, it doesn't make sense to pay a Manager $45 to do the same task.  Get the Manager to work on things that the individual contributor cannot do so that you get the most value out of that additional $15 per hour.

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There is an old youtube video where Mark discusses Managerial Economics --  


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I just listened to it last week! I believe it was 'What to Delegate':