I'm a direct report, been in line for a promotion to team lead for a little while now but a manager role just came up and I interviewed for it with my director (manager of another area where I work). 

I think I did pretty good, not a gimme and obviously I don't have an offer yet ;o)

but I think I have a good shot yet.  Interview was early last week, I delivered thank you note Thursday afternoon.  If I follow the game plan for normal interviews I'd call and follow up but he sits 20 feet away, and I never call him, would that be weird or what...?  hah.

What does an internal candidate do at this point, shut up and sit tight and wait it out?  That's what I've done in the past but I really want this job, I want to do everything I can but not be overly pushy or whatever, turn him off.  He aleady told me he'd wrap up last week and deliberate candidates this week, I should fine out this week one way or the other he said.



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I was offered the job shortly after, and accepted the following day, yay!  Sit tight and wait it out, maybe drop a line to the hiring manager on something relevant from the discussions you had during interview if there is something they might find interesting or whatnot...