I've heard Mark and Mike say repeatedly that it’s not the mistake that costs the interview, it’s the downward spiral that comes after making a big mistake. So true! 

I had a phone interview with a fairly reputable company that I really, really want to work for. I prepared all day and dotted every T and crossed every I. I sat patiently waiting for interviewer to call. Nothing. I wait more. Nothing. Check my email. I get a message from him saying that he tried to call but the phone number isn’t working. What! I try calling him. “You’re phone is out of service.” What! No! Ohhhhhhh! I started panicking as it dawned on me what I had done! Somehow my email worked so I sent him an honest message “I am so embarrassed. I’ve been so busy with work I forgot to pay my phone bill. Two minutes please.” Frantically, I scrambled to pay the bill online. I phoned the hiring manager up and I rocked that interview! I was determined to make it work! We laughed at the beginning, I laughed, he laughed and it actually helped break the ice. I got invited at the end for an in person interview!

Nothing fancy. Just the truth. Thanks guys!!!!!!

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