My manager's manger had set up a meeting with me on Tuesday. I was traveling when the invite came into my calendar. So, I wrote back if I need to prepare anything. She said no. 

The title of the meeting just say it's a 1:1. I've check with a few of my peers and they don't have this so it can't be a skip level meeting. There is no agenda or anything else in the invite. 

Also, she's booked a conference room for this rather than have it in her office which odd. No one else is in the invite.

I feel like asking her what this is about but I don't want to come across as over anxious. 

Should I be worried? I don't think people schedule a meeting in advanced to let someone go, right?



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We have no more insight into this than you do. I am curious, since some time has passed, what the meeting was about? 

What I would do: Ask "What will we be meeting about so I can prepare properly and bring the right materials?" That doesn't sound over anxious. It sounds like someone trying to make sure they show up ready to play.

Shame on whoever called the mystery meeting. Put this in your delta file as something you never do to others in the future. 

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I was a meeting to discuss how our department restructured several roles including mine.

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I would not go to such secret meetings, I would prick up my ears. Somehow it's all strange.