What is the proper place for a prayer at a company party?

Food will be served and some in the group are accustomed to having a group prayer.  No one has compained (that I know of).  I don't think it matters, but about half the staff are christian, with several others who are muslim, hindu, jewish, agnostic, aethiest, and a wide range of other religious views.  

Assuming a christan prayer is not the preferred opening to open food, what alternatives do you recommend?

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Unless tou are working at a specifically religious business, treat work like school. Each individual can pray all they want, but no group led prayer. To lead a group prayer is to exclude and annoy those who belive differently. Lack of complaints is not validation of success, and not the marker you should be going for. 

Work is no place for relgion or politics unless you work in those fields. 



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Are you asking if you should lead the prayer or if you should say something about it?

I have worked for businesses owned by people of faith.  Their worldview was part of the corporate culture.  While I have at times refused to participate (I wouldn't sign a company Christmas card that contained occult symbols) I don't think I would have the timarity to dictate to them what was or was not appropriate in the business they owned.  If it made me uncomfortable I would mention it to them in private and if I found it unbearable I would just leave. 

Tread very carefully when telling people who have influence over your career what to do with their property.

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Culture is repeated Behaviors done or tolerated by management. 


I do not know your role in the Organization.

Only the leadership can determine the Culture they will promote or tolerate in the organization.

If the Leadership wants an organization that places God into the everyday culture, and there is a Prayer at organizational events ... then that is the culture of the organization.  Go with that.


Basically, what I am saying is that you really need to ask your top leadership this question.

If you are the Top Leadership, then you need to ask yourself what Culture you want for your organization.

Are you prepared to make some employees uncomfortable, for the sake of having a culture of prayer and evangelization ?


Can there be a more general introduction for the food -- a convocation -- a spirit of Thanksgiving that would be more inclusive of your employee base.


Remember, that Relationships matter.  And specifically Christian Prayers may strain and hurt your relationships with employees.

Are you ready for that ?

If you are the Organizational leader -- it is entirely your decision.  Just be aware that you are creating a culture.  And one strong culture in an organization also makes things uncomfortable for other cultural ideas.


Good Luck & God Bless


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I believe that everyone has the right to pray to what he believes in and what his faith worships. It is not necessary that other people feel restrained. Everyone should feel comfortable with whatever faith he belongs to. And you feel better and all is well.