One of my direct reports informed me that he thinks he is about to have a nervous breakdown.  I asked him to log off for the day and to let me know if I can be of any help.  Is there anything else I could or should be doing?  Should I report this up to my director?  To HR?  How might you handle this as a manager?


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1 - You don't have to "report" it to HR - but you may want to ask them what they reccomend

2 - If you have a regular open relationship with your boss, it would not be a bad idea to inform him/her that the employee is having a tough time recetly and you will keep him/her informed.


Often people that are in crisis shut down and shut out other people and other options that they can not see.

They may not have even considered seeking help from someone. 

You should contact HR and ask about

EAP - Employee Assistance Program

Ours offers a Telephone number for Telephone Counselling and also 6 Free sessions with a live in person counselor therapist.


Reccomend that they talk about it to 

a therapist / counselor

a priest / minister / rabbi

a trusted family friend or family member like an Uncle


Do everything you can to remove any stigma about therapy.

Try to explain it like going to the doctor to get medicine for the Flu.

It doesn't have to be long term.  And it doesn't mean you have a mental illness.

All it means is that you are human like the rest of us.  With obstacles, strentghs and weakness.

When we have an ache or pain - we go to the doctor get a little medicine.

When we have somthign not going quite right in our home, we call a handyman.

Counseling is just that.


Say a prayer for them.  Place them -- first name only, on a famly/friend prayer list.

If you are the kind of person that prays, then do that ----   It couldn't hurt.  It might help.

Good Luck



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Thanks so very much for your advice.  I did recommend that he seek help and he has since informed me that he has made an appointment to see a doctor.  I also let him know that I will pray for him (we share a similar faith in God).  I will let my director know using your recommendation to keep it at a high level.