TWIF gave me the insights to be prepared and Kotter provided the framework for implementing Change. The missing piece to my puzzle is how to effectively centralize and streamline my operations. Is there a good book with a similar framework on how to centralize, offshore and / or outsource ? Thank you!

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There are lots of books about outsourcing and IT staffing on Amazon. As an alternative, you can look for ebooks published by entrepreneurs. For example, there is a salary guide. And articles by the very companies and journalists.

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I'd suggest going a little broader. Look for Operations Management textbooks also. They not only include sections on outsourcing and offshoring but also examine these aspects from the larger perspective of Operations Management. For example, you could check out Principles of Operation Management (9th Edition). I hear the 10th edition is better, but I haven't laid my hands on it yet. Hope this helps! :)

You could also join Business-related discussion forums to identify more resources. I'm positive that will help!

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I recommend the book "Offshore team 101". Here you will find information about various outsourcing models and the ways they work for different business, tips to choose a vendor, interview remote devs and manage them efficiently.

Free copy is available here, but you can buy a paperback version on Amazon too -