Well, the results are in for me regarding my first year usage of the Manager Tools guidance.  Based on my performance review for 2018, I am treading water and just fortunate enough to be able to keep my management position.  I am going to be positive about the MT and write that were it not for them, I probably would be out the door and for this, thanks guys.  This is a tough organization to work for and I've got a pretty hard director to work for.  This, coupled with my only 3 years as a manager and my high S nature has resulted in a turbulent last year.


That being written, I will keep praying, listening to the podcast, studying the show notes and continue to put into practice what is preached in the hopes that at some point, the top of the mountain will be reached and I'll go from barely making it to crushing it.

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Hey Angelic Doctor, you'll be just fine, IMHO. Embrace reality, get stuck in there and don't underestimate what you're learning. Doesn't sound to me like your values and this organisations' values are perfectly aligned, so you may want to look at options, but with your attitude and determinaton, you won't be short of them. All the best. Matt

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Keep going! A lot of these things seem very small, maybe even insignificant, when viewed short term. However, just like compounding interest, they build momentum and make a difference.