My company is reorganizing to a flatter reporting structure in which my title changes from supervisor to team lead with no change in compensation. With this change my direct reports will now report to my manger along with the other former (laid off) supervisors direct reports. In the discussion with my manager his expectations is I am to lead both groups of directs and has not given thought on how to communicate the message to our group. I would like to give my manager input on how to communicate the message of responsibilities as I feel there could issues/confusion with the individual contributors (IC) as to who directs their work and priorities. 

I have worked with my mananger for 5-yrs, he is an admitted recovering micromanager. Highlighting this point as I can foresee this further blurring the lines between leading without authority, alignment, and who/when should ICs take their direction. Seeking advice on managing up to manage the message. 


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Hi schmkur95,

I would put myself in the shoes of one of your former direct reports who now reports to your manager. Some things that could be helpful:

- share an org chart clearly showing the reporting - to clarify who will approve my vacation, write my performance review, controls my additiction to food, clothing and shelter.

- clearly define when I am to come to the manager and when to come to the group leader. This could be communicated simply - “If you have questions or concerns with things related to X, Y or Z, please ask Manager. For items related to A, B or C, Group Leader will be happy to help you.” Putting this in writing will give the employees something to refer to as well.

Wishing you the best of luck with your new teams,