Looking back at my mistakes allows me to reflect on my past and how I can improve going forward.

I wanted to ask the group about any advice they can share or podcasts that deal with this:


I had a senior architect type role on my software team who was a high C type personality. In addition, there was another ambitious but more junior member of the team who was brazen and a bit of a maverick.

As a technical manager, I knew the younger developer had experience with a certain technology and asked for his recommendation on it.

I felt his ideas were good and made the decision to use this approach to our software methodology.

Ultimately, the high C was upset he wasn’t the one who reviewed the decision / was involved in helping think it through and became moody. He wanted to take time, analyze the outcomes, etc. I found that in general, everyone on my team at one point or another felt they weren’t included in decisions and wanted to be the one who got to “sign off” on something or give it their blessing.


What’s the best way to handle this? In listening to the podcasts I heard that we should:

1) never have a vote

2) ask for recommendations, but ultimately as the manager we make the decision.

in #2 above, I don’t want to have to involve EVERYONE every time I want to make a decision about process changes. If I feel one person on the team can give the best recommendation then that’s what I think makes sense, however if others become moody they weren’t involved when I announce these at staff meetings, does this mean I should be rethinking how I am doing things?

I typically would announce at a previous staff meeting “I would like to do X in the coming weeks”

and then I reach out to who I feel makes sense and ask their recommendations.

Finally I make the call, based on the info I am given, and at next staff meeting I say this is what we will do.


if some members on my team become moody about not being involved, is this warranted? I feel the only solution is to involve everyone but I know that’s not right.


What should I have done differently? I can see history repeating itself if I don’t learn from this.


thank you!




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Are you doing weekly O3's? If not, this is a great reason to start. It sounds like your directs aren't so miffed that a certain decision was made, they're miffed because they feel like they were left out of the loop. If this issue was brought up in O3's you would have discussed it with each of them along the way.