Can I ditch my predecessors's fortnghtly "all hands" meeting, and replace it with a normal staff meeting for me and my directs, and tell my directs to start doing their own O3s and staff meetings?

I'm 2 weeks into managing a new team.  I'm trying to follow the "90 days Rule #1 = fit in" rule, but gosh it's tough! I don't want to change much, right...? :)

I'm the "new guy" that's been promoted to lead this team of 37 (roughly 4 sub-teams of 9, each looking after their own IT system) from the other side of the organisation.

My predecessor never did one-on-ones. My staff are shocked I'm talking to them!

Tomorrow I've got my first "all hands" meeting (37 staff), which my predecessor held between every fortnight or month. So I'm keeping that.

But - I don't have any meeting with just my directs, other than one-on-ones.

I feel like I'm already missing out on "status" or having a good forum to question status. My directs directly input into my boss's monthly Status Report PPT (due today) for the wider department.  I'm now looking through so I know what was said.. and shocked. It's really just the same bullet points as the report I found from last month. "this is the way we do it".

In the all-hands, it'll just be a waterfall meeting. One of my directs told me "that all hand's meeting, i'm not coming, i already have the information and don't have the time". Perfect. What message does that send to her directs for meetings she calls!

Do I hold steady for 12 weeks?


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Tim, you don't have to have all the answers. You could maybe do one meeting then change, explainign to your directs why and that you expect them to communicate (1-2-1's maybe) with their directs. And that you hold them accountable for that communication....

I don't have a simple answer any more than you do. But take heart and do wht you think best - you are asking the right questions and have the right intentions.


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