Is there an unspoken minimum amount of time to stick it out before attempting to make a change? I'm considering looking for a new job, but I've only had my current one for a few months. The work is stimulating/challenging, but I'm having a lot of trouble adjusting to my new location-I've started to regret taking this offer over other ones that wouldn't have required a major move.

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There are a number of variables to consider. Are you young or old? Is this to move to a better position or to get out of a bad position? Are you being abused? 

When I look at resumes to hire people I do note the tenure in positions. An occasional short tenure is not an issue as long as there are plenty of long tenure positions to show that you CAN make a commitment. If you are young and do not have a track record of stability it would be best to stick around for as long as you can.

This is all null and void if you are truly being abused or asked to do something illegal. In that case, get out of there now.

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The general rule of thumb is 18 months.   Modify this based on Technophile's variables.

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I also agree that there are different variables to consider. How long have you stayed in previous positions, especially recently?  Also, tenure length varies in different industries. What is the norm in your industry?

At the end of the day, if you're miserable in your new location then staying on won't help your quality of life.  If you want to move back to your previous city then you can always start to look and explain to anyone who asks that this new location was a bad fit, you want to be close to family & friends. Make sure to do your homework on the next job so that you don't want to jump ship again after a short period of time.

Good luck!

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I’ve been at a new company 8 months and on my 4th boss with a possible 5th in a month or so. Hiring manager, whom I really liked, was let go following an acquisition. I am in a different department so I don’t even report to the same LOB I interviewed with.

secondly, the job is not what was promised, management is poor and office mate and mentor is awful to work with/for.

Question: can I leave with survivable repercussions?

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For @dr_1967, just tell a new interviewer there's been restructuring and you're in a different role than what you were hired for. Keep the 5 managers to yourself as "dry gunpowder". If they ask further, then explain about your fifth manager. My opinion. Some places are total crap; people understand.

I was just thinking this, no lie, and I came here and the question was at the top!

18 months feels like the new normal, but it's not ideal, assuming all's ethical and calm. (I was fired from my last job in 2017 because I told my female boss's female boss she said something ... inappropriate to me). I'm at 20 months now, and it's come to light that we - a billion dollar Fortune 500 company - have an invoice system that won't let us pay bills. It's ridiculous. 

I need to gut it out until month 24 (36 would be better), but if I'm unable to do my job due to the incompetance of my employer, I need to go ahead and go. All i've said in interviews is: "We didn't plan three years ago for this transition to a centralized location, and today we put out fire after fire as a result".