I have a delicate somehwat political problem to respond to and I would be grateful for any input from people here


I was appointed Director of a not for profit 6 months ago. Previous Director was successful financially, hard driving  and of long tenure.

Complaints from staff about a decade worth of pay freezes and unfair compensation system. I made recommendations to the Board to give careful consideration to workforce feedback and to look at options around this. The Board agreed to pay a one off modest staff bonus and to send a letter thanking everyone for their work. They have also agreed to review the situation annually.

Held a staff meeting last week and workforce told of the Boards decision. People very, very happy. All good.

Couple of days later I received an email from a team member with the whole staff team copied in which said something like this:

At last the Board have listened thank you. The old CEO refused to even take it to the Board and he refused to listen for 10 years.

One of my managers was approached by a team member saying she was slightly uncomfortable with the email as has loyalty to the former dierctor. My manager responded by saying it would not have been possible without all fo the hard worker of the former Director. This is true in part but bonus also based on me taking on additional work in the last quarter.

Concerned that my dierct report has not moved on from old Director who remains in touch with him and other staff members.

How shall I respond?

Say nothing

Stay Neutral

or what?

to both the email and my dierct report.

Any comments very much appreciated.




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Congratulations on gaining the additional rewards for your team from your board.   That's a great win for you and those that report to you.   Regarding this email chain, since your manager has responded, I'd recommend that you say nothing else in that chain.   Regarding your direct report, your weekly one on ones should provide a venue for conversations that will help you better understand the motivation for that email and whether there is anything there that could impact your employee's performance on the job.


Best of luck to you.