Recently, I was promoted to manager of the pricing department. Wait!, before you congratulate me, you should know this. The previous manager whom I reported to, now reports to me. As if, being a manager wasn't challenging enough already. 

Anyway, I get the feeling that anything I do or suggest, she's scrutinizing. With that lovely (fake) smile on her face. I know that she's upset with how everything transpired, but how long before I'm able to say: ” let's move on.” 

I'm hoping with the one on one's; we can move on. And, the mistakes begin to fade away.

Any suggestions for a first-time manager would be greatly appreciated  


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First you have to know that what you going through is part of alot of challenges you will face.
You are the manager that she has to report to thats a fact you have to move on with confidence.
I would suggest the following :
-Make it easy to collabrate in general.

-Appreciate all the support you have from your employees 

-Don't bother youself so much without if her smile is fake or not as long as the job is done professionally and its not effecting you and the job then move on we wont be able to satisfy everyone.

-If thing esclate and you are really not happy then communication is lubricant and it can solve so many things and she has to accept the fact that your are manager now and things should move on. ( one on one meeting to sort things out ).

-Finally lead with confidence and motivate everyone around you.

All the best.