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I'm in a position where my current excellent manager has been recruited away by another company. He left a week ago and his superior has asked me to interview candidates for his replacement. For all of the experience that I have had with interviewing peers and subordinates, I have never experienced a situation where I've had to hire a boss into the organization. 

I've tried searching for guidance on the internet, but I've only been able to find information for interviewing a boss from the candidates point of view. If anyone has any tips, I would love to hear them.

Thank you in advance!

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This could be a great opporunity to prove your worth to the organization.


I recommend that you take this on with such gusto and success that they decide that you should hire yourself into the role.


If the execs value you and trust you enough to do this -- they may very well realize that you should have the job.


And even if they don't -- whomever you hire will be better connected to you and may even have a sense of loyalty and gratitude to you.


Good Luck !