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Short version: Is it a good idea to tell your directs that you follow the Manager Tools philosophy of management and then introduce the trinity roll out, starting with one on ones of course?

Long version: My organization is going through some changes and I'll likely have some responsibilities added. Another employee will be given some of my former responsibilities and I'll be supervising him in that part of his role. This will be my first time managing anyone. I'll only have one direct and we've been co-workers for over a year. I just feel like the best option is to be up front and explain that I've never done this before, but that I believe in the Manager Tools system. Then just introduce One on ones and start using it.

(I'm also open to any other advice for a first time manager.)

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This is working for me.  Not only do I tell them I follow M-T, I tell them I'm learning it.  I disclaim any originality and say that it's a proven system that does work but which I am "practicing."  As such I'm going to make mistakes.

About half of my directs appreciate the deliberate, consistent, and logical approach.  And when I screw up, there has been some grace extended.

The other half are apathetic about management systems.  In one ear out the other.  No harm, no foul.  Just let them do their job.

None of my directs have expressed open opposition to the system.  If they do oppose it, I don't think it matters much that it was my idea or M-T's idea.  When it does eventually happen, I think I'll counter with "show me a repeatable system that produces consistent results better than or equal to M-T."

I don't see what you have to lose.

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Thanks for the feedback. Your implementation seems like the most logical option. I plan to roll with this.