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How can you successfully address a financial question in an interview when you have not been involved with fiscal management?   I'm interviewing for a leadership position where I will be leading a small group of managers.  This is a public sector position.  In this case, disciplines exist in silos, therefore as a clinical manager (mental health) you don't ever get into the details of fiscal matters. Fiscal decisions are made by the Commissioner's office and then passed down to our CEO and so on.  At leadership meetings I receive copies of positions, vacancies etc, but I've never been in the discussions about the budget and allocation of resources.  I have a solid understanding of our states fiscal situation, our facilities challenges, and have always been mindful of doing more with less.  Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Hi Brennan,

I see from your other post that your interview went well - congrats and good luck with your next interview. Did a question along these lines come up, and if so how did you address it?

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Dear Brennan,

You can't say you have experience but you should think about how you would work to this topic. One idea is to do some e-learning on the topic - with LinkedIn for example the LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda) is part of their premium membership and has very short courses like Finance for Non-Financial Managers.  That way you can say "It is something I have not had direct responsibility but look forward to moving in to it : I understand the topic and have done some training on it, I have experienced ... (per what you said in your post).

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I Agree, I would say the same thing

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hello, Brennan, how was your last interview?