I am new to Manger/Career Tools.  I've been listening to many of the podcasts and recently came across "Jump Starting Internal Customer Relationships" and "Managing Your Boss."  We will be getting a new CEO (not really, but the equivalent for my organization) in about a month and I am trying to find a podcast on material on the best way for my office to prepare a plan to present to him.  I have searched around for podcasts with similar names to the above podcasts and for "executive" but haven't found what I'm looking for.  Does anyone know if Manager Tools has any forums or podcasts on this topic that I have missed?  Thanks.

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There is a hidden gem "briefing your business" in a podcast which I believe you will find very has worked for me when briefing new executives. Also, the method has served as an effective means to convey unit status concisely:

Roughly, the process is outlining your unit's mission/role, financials, operations/projects, with more details in the cast. The result is a succinct exective briefing of your group status.

This cast is among the "Hall of Fame" casts of Manager Tools.

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Thank you, tlhausmann.  I will check those out today!